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Leo Sanchez
Leo Sanchez

Leo has been involved in the tanning industry for over 5 years and directs the AT Specialist Team at Giuseppe Franco Salon. He heads the film, television and modeling division which tans more than 100 actors and models each day for special events and feature films in Los Angeles. He has been consulted upon for film and photo shoots through out the world and is regarded as the best in the industry. Leo is also a lead trainer at the Beverly Hills Facility for Advanced Tanning Technology and manages the recruiting for all Advanced Tanning employees. He can be contacted by calling the Giuseppe Franco Salon.

One of the most important standards that I maintain in tanning my celebrity clients is educating them on health and safety while producing a fast tan that appears natural. Here at the Giuseppe Franco Salon we have done just that with the NEW 7 Min. Advanced Tanning System. You have to try it! It's called The Advanced Tanning!” -Leo

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