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“Celebrities demand the
Advanced Tanning”…

Celebrities demand the Advanced Tanning at the Giuseppe Franco Salon in Beverly Hills , celebrity clients have all together demanded the ultimate achievement in the perfect tan. What is it? Named for its unique mixture of golden solutions that blend together to match the color tones of each individual client, a Giuseppe Franco certified AT specialist creates the solution for the perfect tan and what's called a "ADVANCED TANNING". Each AT specialist at the Giuseppe Franco Salon has been trained in this NOW infamous style and technique of color matching and blending which has come from years of mastering in the beauty industry. Giuseppe Franco Salon known through out the world for having the BEST stylists and SKILLED hairdressers have teamed up with tanning professionals to create a color matching system for variation in skin tones. The result is known by all who get it as the ADVANCED TANNING. Once this mixture is color matched to the individual, the Certified AT specialist perfectly applies in the manner in which an artist would paint a master piece. The AT specialist begins by shading areas to enhance shadows and add to the definition of the body. This is all part of a 23 step process in which the AT Specialist has been trained and certified to perform. The result is astonishing! The most advanced and natural tan ever achieved. The ADVANCED TANNING.

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The AT Team
Giuseppe Franco
Leo Sanchez
Dr. Bruce Householder DC
Gillian Morris
Andrea Hilario
Rosala Sanchez
Sunisa Kim
Holly Holton
Birgit Berner (Rep. Europe)

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